Squint's current collection Organised Fun responds to a personal hatred of group activities as a child. Remembering girl guides, French camping holidays and kids clubs through a nostalgic lens.

Always the misfit. Refusing to wear the uniform correctly. Never wanting to be left out while refusing to join in. This feeling is contrasted by collaborative prints by Alice Dansey-Wright, rejoicing in the wonder felt on my first holiday abroad to Australia during the 2000 Olympics.

The awe of colours, smells and sounds I experienced in such an unfamiliar place is celebrated through bold colours and embroidery. A shared love of 1980s prints and kitsch tourist gifts is shown through Alice’s signature illustrations, digitally printed onto soft cotton twill, maintaining the durability of uniform and clothes to be worn on an adventure.

Squint is a Scottish ready-to-wear fashion brand, which combines a feminine feel with tomboy silhouettes, creating a playful down to earth aesthetic. The Squint girl’s attitude is laid back and cool but a bit weird – the misfit that you want to hang out with. Her personality is the basis of the clothes we create.

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